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15th anniversary edition of 'Someone to Drive You Home', which was originally released in November 2006 and was produced by Pulp member Steve Mackey, will come as a limited edition, double gatefold LP. Pressed on red and yellow vinyl to mirror the album's artwork - a picture of actress Faye Dunaway also painted by Jackson - the edition will feature the original record, plus eleven additional tracks that the band used on B-sides.

Track Listing:
1. Lust in the Movies - The Long Blondes 
2. Once and Never Again - The Long Blondes 
3. Only Lovers Left Alive - The Long Blondes 
4. Giddy Stratospheres - The Long Blondes 
5. In the Company of Women - The Long Blondes 
6. Heaven Help the New Girl - The Long Blondes 
7. Seperated By Motorways - The Long Blondes 
8. You Could Have Both - The Long Blondes 
9. Swallow Tattoo - The Long Blondes 
10. Weekend Without Makeup - The Long Blondes 
11. Madame Ray - The Long Blondes 
12. A Knife for the Girls - The Long Blondes 
1. Five Ways to End It - The Long Blondes
2. Fulwood Babylon - The Long Blondes
3. The Whippet Fancier - The Long Blondes
4. Who Are You to Her? - The Long Blondes
5. Never to Be Repeated - The Long Blondes
6. All Bar One Girls - The Long Blondes
7. I'm Coping - The Long Blondes
8. Last Night On Northgate St - The Long Blondes
9. Platitudes - The Long Blondes
10. Melville Farr - The Long Blondes
11. The Unbearable Lightness of Buildings - The Long Blondes

Year of Production: 2006