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Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Town Mountain is the sum of all its vast and intricate influences - this bastion of alt-country rebellion and honky-tonk attitude pushed through the hardscrabble Southern Appalachian lens of its origin. With 'Lines in the Levee', Town Mountain creates a collage of sound and scope within the same template of freedom found in the round-robin fashion of the musical institution that is The Band - a solidarity also found in the incendiary live shows Town Mountain is now revered for from coast-to-coast, this devil-may-care gang of strings and swagger. Recorded at Ronnie's Place (part of the Sound Stage Studios) on Music Row in the heart of Nashville, 'Lines in the Levee' is a bona fide workshop in the seamless blend of Americana, country, bluegrass and folk roots - this crossroads of deep influences and cultivated visions each member of Town Mountain brings to the table.

Track Listing:
1. Lines in the Levee - Town Mountain
2. Distant Line - Town Mountain
3. Firebound Road - Town Mountain
4. Seasons Don't Change - Town Mountain
5. Daydream Quarantina - Town Mountain
6. Rene - Town Mountain
7. Comeback Kid - Town Mountain
8. Big Decisions - Town Mountain
9. Unsung Heroes - Town Mountain
10. American Family - Town Mountain
11. Lean Into the Blue - Town Mountain

Year of Production: 2022