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Legend : LP Shelf Stand

HOLDS UP TO 50 ALBUMS: This attractive and robust record holder will keep 50 of your favourite vinyl close to hand and accessible. A simple, yet beautiful design accommodates single albums or double and even your 7" vinyl. Position your vinyl rack next to your turntable for easy and quick access to your all favourites records

SOLID WOOD, HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: A wide, grooved base to your vinyl record storage ensures that your records cannot accidentally slip or fall out and are fully protected. Solid wood components give a premium feel, allowing for construction of your vinyl holder in moments. Full instructions included.

ATTRACTIVE VINTAGE OAK FINISH: Designed to blend seamlessly with both retro and contemporary inspired interiors. Clear acrylic panels at each end support your vinyl display and contrast with the warm Vintage Oak base to give both a timeless look and a practical way to browse your vinyl from front to back, just as you might in your favourite record shop.

SHATTER-PROOF ACRYLIC ENDS WITH FROSTED DESIGN: A premium feature that adds an additional layer of protection for your vinyl. The acrylic ends are designed to take the weight of your albums and their clear finish means that the beauty of your vinyl stand is there for everyone to see!

INCLUDES FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTH: This large microfibre cloth is lint free and designed to reduce static charge. Use it to clean your albums before playing and to wipe clean the clear acrylic end panels, helping to make your vinyl record stand the focal point it deserves to be.