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Formed in Orange County in 2003, the fertile soil of extremity that also brought us Social Distortion and Avenged Sevenfold, 8 Kalacas are the harbingers of a new era. After establishing their unique brand of metallic hardcore, ska and traditional Mexican elements in California and the rest of the divided states, the massive seven-piece brotherhood is ready to take on the rest of the world. 'Fronteras', their third full-length and first for brand-new label Atomic Fire Records, is like a curveball for the rest of the international metal/hardcore scene: an album so fierce and unique you simply can't resist succumbing to the thundering grooves, malicious riffs and infectious trumpet/trombone madness those guys are vigorously unleashing like there's no tomorrow. Taking their Latin roots and their Californian upbringing and ingeniously warping the two into this behemoth of an album.

Track Listing:
1. Frontera - 8 Kalacas
2. Pudrete - 8 Kalacas
3. Mutante - 8 Kalacas
4. Esquizofrenia - 8 Kalacas
5. R2rito - 8 Kalacas
6. Labios Negros - 8 Kalacas
7. Luna - 8 Kalacas
8. Garras - 8 Kalacas
9. Luz Y Fer - 8 Kalacas
10. Gato - 8 Kalacas
11. Flatline 12 1941 - 8 Kalacas

Year of Production: 2022