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A chance 2020 meeting between top singer-songwriter/producer Mike Batt and singer-songwriter/entrepreneur Jean-Charles Capelli led to a chain reaction in which EMMY-winning writer and novelist David Quantick, legendary Marvel/DC comic artist Mike Collins and executives from leading online games corporation DUBIT created a dramatically interlinked world starring hypersensitive, reluctant protagonist Ace Hansel Jr. 'Ace Hansel Jr is a fictitious, B list, capeless superhero', says Batt. 'He lives in and looks after a dark and dangerous world based on a real French red light district familiar to Jean-Charles'. When the two met, Batt was struck by the unusual imagery in Capelli's notebook and the duo used these pages as direct inspiration for the project.

Track Listing:
1. Intro to a Whole New Day - Ace Hansel Jr (1.28)
2. A Whole New Day - Ace Hansel Jr (2.58)
3. Rainbow Maze - Ace Hansel Jr (3.35)
4. Hot Dog Wine (Feat. Paula Masterton) - Ace Hansel Jr (2.47)
5. Bury Me in Tahiti - Ace Hansel Jr (3.32)
6. Loneliness Potion - Ace Hansel Jr (4.39)
7. Get Ratface - Ace Hansel Jr (3.26)
8. The Moon Over Muscat - Ace Hansel Jr (4.09)
9. Croix-noire (Theme) [feat. Florence Rawlings] - Ace Hansel Jr (5.01)
10. The Runaway - Ace Hansel Jr (4.54)
11. You Set Me On Fire - Ace Hansel Jr (3.27)
12. Psychiatrist and Client (Feat. Paula Masterton) - Ace Hansel Jr (0.37)

Year of Production: 2022