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Always pushing boundaries with his creative output, AJ's campaign draws influence from the story of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls team in the late '90s - with 'Flu Game' referencing one of MJ's most memorable championship games - where he overcame a nasty bout of food poisoning and took the Bulls to the championship. Revenge Athletic are a franchise on the brink of a massive championship win, and AJ is their new star. All we know for now, is that AJ is about to take us into this new world, as he dons the number 10 jersey, and states he's 'ready to get going (and) do what I've always done'.

Track Listing:
1. Anxious - AJ Tracey
2. Kukoc (Feat. NAV) - AJ Tracey
3. Bringing It Back (With Digga D) - AJ Tracey
4. Cheerleaders - AJ Tracey
5. Draft Pick - AJ Tracey
6. Eurostep - AJ Tracey
7. Cherry Blossom - AJ Tracey
8. Glockie - AJ Tracey
9. Little More Love - AJ Tracey
10. Top Dog - AJ Tracey
11. Summertime Shootout (Feat. T-Pain) - AJ Tracey
12. Perfect Storm - AJ Tracey
13. Coupé (Feat. Kehlani) - AJ Tracey
14. Numba 9 (Feat. SahBabii & Millie Go Lightly) - AJ Tracey
15. Dinner Guest (Feat. MoStack) - AJ Tracey
16. West Ten (With Mabel) - AJ Tracey

Year of Production: 2021