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To defeat the origin of all evil, the risen warrior Angus McSix has formed new alliances with Buff Berserker Skaw! from the North (ex-Rhapsody of Fire) and the beautiful Queen of the Lazer-Amazons Thalestris (Thalia Bellazecca, ex-Frozen Crown), gathering their collective strength to fight the most epic battle in the history of Scotland. Only together there is still hope that Scotland and the entire universe will not fall under the diabolical dominion of Seebulon. While riding on the back of a Pegasus, head-bopping techno beats and synth-waves are abound on 'Ride to Hell'. Driven by mighty harmonies and striking rhythms, Angus draws 'Sixcalibur', the Sword of Power, to open the sealed gate of hell.

Track Listing:
1. Master of the Universe - Angus McSix
2. Sixcalibur - Angus McSix
3. Laser-shooting Dinosaur - Angus McSix
4. Amazons of Caledonia - Angus McSix
5. Ride to Hell - Angus McSix
6. Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System - Angus McSix
7. The Vision in the Fires (Intro) - Angus McSix
8. Eternal Warrior - Angus McSix
9. The Key to Eternity - Angus McSix
10. In a Past Reality - Angus McSix
11. Fireflies of Doom - Angus McSix

Year of Production: 2023