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There is a calm, serene spirituality about Ann Wilson in 2022 which instantly draws you to her. She feels like a warm, wise someone who has seen enough bullshit to know how to avoid it calmly, and someone who is at peace with whatever she needs to be at peace with. Perhaps that is why the soul (and, indeed title) of her 2022 album, 'Fierce Bliss' offers such universally entertaining, engaging, honest and safe harbour from these unpredictable times. The album is classic rock comfort food of the finest ingredients, carrying a richness and light that allows you to escape into timeless nostalgia. Eleven perfectly weighted and selected songs ranging from Wilson's own co-penned originals to breathtaking covers and collaborations.

Track Listing:
1. Greed - Ann Wilson
2. Black Wing - Ann Wilson
3. Bridge of Sighs - Ann Wilson
4. Fighten for Life - Ann Wilson
5. Love of My Life (Feat. Vince Gill) - Ann Wilson
6. Missionary Man - Ann Wilson
7. Gladiator - Ann Wilson
8. Forget Her - Ann Wilson
9. A Moment in Heaven - Ann Wilson
10. Angel's Blues - Ann Wilson
11. As the World Turns - Ann Wilson

Year of Production: 2022