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I Thought I Was Better Than You' marks a new era for Baxter, and with this new era comes a new character. 'Faux-confrontational,' Baxter calls him. Here, not only is he recounting his childhood, but he's also reckoning with it. Instead of just swinging at his past blindfolded with a baseball bat, he talks openly about the toxic cocktail of being born into unfortunately fortunate circumstances, with a persuasive surname but no structure or sense of responsibility with which reap the rewards of it. 'Really, it's about being trapped in an awkward place between something you're actually quite good at, and somebody else's success.' That 'somebody else' being his dad, Ian Dury. As one of the album centrepieces - Shadow - agonisingly puts it: 'But no one will get over that you're someone's son/Even though you want to be like Frank Ocean/But you don't sound like him, you sound just like Ian'.

Track Listing:
1. So Much Money - Baxter Dury
2. Aylesbury Boy - Baxter Dury
3. Celebrate Me - Baxter Dury
4. Leon - Baxter Dury
5. Crashes - Baxter Dury
6. Sincere - Baxter Dury
7. Pale White Nissan - Baxter Dury
8. Shadow - Baxter Dury
9. Crowded Rooms - Baxter Dury
10. Glows - Baxter Dury

Year of Production: 2023