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Two years after issuing his acclaimed trio album Valentine, Grammy Award-winning guitarist and composer Bill Frisell returns with 'Four', a stunning meditation on loss, renewal, and those mysterious inventions of friendship. Frisell's third album for Blue Note Records since signing with the label in 2019 proffers new interpretations of previously recorded originals as well as nine new tunes. The session brings together artists of independent spirits and like minds: Blue Note stablemates Gerald Clayton on piano and Johnathan Blake on drums, and longtime collaborator Greg Tardy on saxophone, clarinet, and bass clarinet. 'This combination of people had been floating around in the back of my mind since before the pandemic,' says the Brooklyn-based artist.

Track Listing:
1. Dear Old Friends (For Alen Woodard) - Bill Frisell
2. Claude Utley - Bill Frisell
3. The Pioneers - Bill Frisell
4. Holiday - Bill Frisell
5. Waltz for Hal Willner - Bill Frisell
6. Lookout for Hope - Bill Frisell
7. Monroe - Bill Frisell
8. Wise Women - Bill Frisell
9. Blues from Before - Bill Frisell
10. Always - Bill Frisell
11. Good Dog, Happy Man - Bill Frisell
12. Invisible - Bill Frisell
13. Dog of a Roof - Bill Frisell

Year of Production: 2022