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First released in the UK on 11 September 1970, the album was co-produced by Billy and George Harrison, with two of George's songs - 'All Things Must Pass' and 'My Sweet Lord' - issued here for the first time, two months before his own recordings appeared on the triple album 'All Things Must Pass'. The album was last released on vinyl in 1992. In 2010 Record Collector magazine described 'Encouraging Words' as 'one of the finest titles in the Apple Records catalogue'. As a child prodigy, Billy played organ for the Gospel great Mahalia Jackson, and in 1957 at the age of ten he performed a vocal and organ duet with Nat 'King' Cole on his US television show. In 1962, aged 16 years-old, Billy joined Little Richard's touring band with live dates including a performance in Liverpool, with The Beatles as the opening act.

Track Listing:
1. Right Now - Billy Preston 
2. Little Girl - Billy Preston 
3. Use What You Got - Billy Preston 
4. My Sweet Lord - Billy Preston 
5. Let the Music Play - Billy Preston 
6. The Same Thing Again - Billy Preston 
7. I've Got a Feeling - Billy Preston 
8. Sing One for the Lord - Billy Preston 
9. When You Are Mine - Billy Preston 
10. I Don't Want You to Pretend - Billy Preston 
11. Encouraging Words - Billy Preston 
12. All Things Must Pass - Billy Preston 
13. You've Been Acting Strange - Billy Preston 

Year of Production: 1970