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A stone-cold classic conscious Lovers Rock tune from the seminal British reggae group Brown Sugar, 'I'm in Love With a Dreadlocks' was originally released in 1977, and is now pressed loud for the first ever time on this new one-off press edition 12-inch on Soul Jazz Records. Brown Sugar formed in London in 1976, made up of teenagers Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms. After Brown Sugar, Caron Wheeler became known worldwide as the vocalist in Soul II Soul. Carol Simms launched a successful solo career under the name Kofi. 'I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks' was originally released on the Lovers Rock label, a fledgling reggae label formed by Dennis Bovell, John Kpiaye and producer Dennis Harris.

Track Listing:
1. Black Pride - Brown Sugar (3.27)
2. Our Reggae Music - Brown Sugar (6.16)
3. Hello Stranger - Brown Sugar (3.27)
4. I'm in Love With a Dreadlocks - Brown Sugar (3.24)
5. Hurtin' (Feat. Dennis Bovell) - Brown Sugar (3.4)
6. I'm So Proud - Brown Sugar (7.33)
7. Run Away Love - Brown Sugar (3.31)
8. Dreaming of Zion - Brown Sugar (3.32)
9. Loving Dreadlocks Dub - Brown Sugar (3.24)
10. You and Your Smiling Face - Brown Sugar (3.13)
11. Do You Really Love Me - Brown Sugar (4.17)
12. Proud - Brown Sugar (3.15)
13. Confession Hurts - Brown Sugar (7.53)

Year of Production: 2018