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The album will be released exactly 65 years to the day that Buddy Guy arrived in Chicago on a train from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in September of 1957, with just the clothes on his back an his guitar. His life would never be the same, and he was born again in the blues. 'The Blues Don't Lie' tells the story of his lifelong journey. Reflecting on this body of work, Buddy says 'I promised them all: B.B., Muddy, Sonny Boy as long as I'm alive I'm going to keep the blues alive.' He has indeed proven that again, and proclaims, 'I can't wait for world to hear my new album cause 'The Blues Don't Lie'.

Track Listing:
1. I Let My Guitar Do the Talking - Buddy Guy
2. Blues Don't Lie - Buddy Guy
3. The World Needs Love - Buddy Guy
4. We Go Back (Feat. Mavis Staples) - Buddy Guy
5. Symptoms of Love (Feat. Elvis Costello) - Buddy Guy
6. Follow the Money (Feat. James Taylor) - Buddy Guy
7. Well Enough Alone - Buddy Guy
8. Love and Time - Buddy Guy
1. Gunsmoke Blues (Feat. Jason Isbell) - Buddy Guy
2. House Party (Feat. Wendy Moten) - Buddy Guy
3. Sweet Thing - Buddy Guy
4. Backdoor Scratchin' - Buddy Guy
5. I've Got a Feeling - Buddy Guy
6. Rabbit Blood - Buddy Guy
7. Last Call - Buddy Guy
8. King Bee - Buddy Guy

Year of Production: 2022