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Just north of Philadelphia in the industrial town of Doylestown, PA hails the modern psychedelic indie-rock band Ceramic Animal. The band consists of three brothers: Chris Regan (vocals, guitar), Erik Regan (drums) and Elliot Regan (vocals, keys), along with Anthony Marchione (guitar) and Dallas Hosey (vocals, bass). The band initially appeared on the radar of producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys via a series of playlists, instantly causing a stir of interest from the founder of Easy Eye Sound records. He tracked them down and immediately started writing with the band, creating the foundation for the band's staggering fourth album, 'Sweet Unknown'. Having built a reputation for solid, independently-released albums and steady touring, Ceramic Animal was more than ready for this moment. Auerbach enlisted additional help from legendary GRAMMY®-winning songwriters Pat McLaughlin, Angelo Petraglia and Desmond Child, then got down to recording in Nashville at Easy Eye Sound. The album that transpired is pure and timeless sonic gold, with a tinge of dirty-blues sprinkled on it.

Track Listing:
1. Tangled - Ceramic Animal
2. I Can't Wait - Ceramic Animal
3. I Love a Stranger - Ceramic Animal
4. Long Day - Ceramic Animal
5. Forever Song - Ceramic Animal
6. Sweet Unknown - Ceramic Animal
7. Up in Smoke - Ceramic Animal
8. Private Dancer - Ceramic Animal
9. I Don't Wanna Wait - Ceramic Animal
10. Valerie - Ceramic Animal

Year of Production: 2022