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15th studio album by the American blues-roots guitarist. Featuring a wide range of outlaw blues, Americana, roots, and even alt-country influences, 'Ain't Giving Up' finds the Austin, Texas guitarist teaming up for the first time in 22 years with producer-guitarist Dennis Herring, also known for his work with artists like Buddy Guy, Modest Mouse, Elvis Costello, and the Hives. But the resulting album isn't a calculated return to roots affair. Recorded live on the studio floor with vintage gear and minimal overdubs, it's a raw and revved-up showcase for the virtuoso's jaw-dropping chops; his mastery of the elusive Texas shuffle; and his deep love and commitment to the blues. 'Ain't Giving Up' is intimate and gritty, but it also boasts pristine fidelity, as if we the listener are in the studio with Duarte and his buddies.

Track Listing:
1. Nobody But You - Chris Duarte
2. Big Fight - Chris Duarte
3. Bye, Bye, Bye - Chris Duarte
4. Can Opener - Chris Duarte
5. Gimme Your Love - Chris Duarte
6. Come My Way - Chris Duarte
7. Half As Good As Two - Chris Duarte
8. Lies Lies Lies - Chris Duarte
9. Ain't Giving Up On Us - Chris Duarte
10. Look What U Made Me Do - Chris Duarte
11. The Real Low Down - Chris Duarte
12. Weak Days - Chris Duarte

Year of Production: 2023