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On 'Just Because', Claire captures all of the joy, confusion, anxiety, and wonder of growing up through 13 tracks set to a soundtrack of gleeful guitars, lo-fi production, and chantable choruses-all under the California sun. Throughout 2022, she wrote and recorded the album with producers Afterhrs, Paul Phamous, Stint, Elie Rizk, and her most frequent collaborator, executive producer, and dad Ragnar Rosinkranz. On the album, she states, 'Just Because is a collection of songs I wrote about my life as an 18 year old. It's a window into my world as I'm growing up and navigating life. Enjoy stepping into my lil movie.' Over a soundtrack of alternative pop spiked with just the right amount of punk and electronics, Claire Rosinkranz asserts herself as a true Gen-Z storyteller whose vision instantly captivates.

Track Listing:
1. 123 - Claire Rosinkranz
2. Sad in Hawaii - Claire Rosinkranz
3. Never Goes Away - Claire Rosinkranz
4. Dreamer - Claire Rosinkranz
5. Swinging at the Stars - Claire Rosinkranz
6. Screw Time - Claire Rosinkranz
7. Gum - Claire Rosinkranz
8. Wes Anderson - Claire Rosinkranz
9. Banksy - Claire Rosinkranz
10. Polarized - Claire Rosinkranz
11. Jupiter - Claire Rosinkranz
12. Pools and Palm Trees - Claire Rosinkranz
13. Mess - Claire Rosinkranz

Year of Production: 2023