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Heavy Steps', the follow up to 2017's critically acclaimed full-length 'Outsider', sees the hardcore veterans returning to their roots both geographically and musically. Although the members of the band are currently residing on different sides of the country in Vancouver and Toronto, the band decided to write and record their latest effort in the band's originating city of Winnipeg, Manitoba at Private Ear Recording Studio and once again enlisted the services of producer John Paul Peters who recorded the band's debut album 'Turn It Around'. In addition to co-production by Peters, on 'Heavy Steps', the band collaborated with prominent Grammy award-winning mixer and long-time fan of the band Will Putney. Featuring a guest appearance by Gojira's Joe Duplantier, the new 2022 album is no longer a prerequisite to realizing Comeback Kid's influence on modern punk, but a delivery of pure anthemic chaos, sheer speed and force. It is a statement of intent.

Track Listing:
1. Heavy Steps - Comeback Kid
2. No Easy Way Out - Comeback Kid
3. Face the Fire - Comeback Kid
4. Crossed (Feat. Joe Duplantier) - Comeback Kid
5. Everything Relates (Feat. JJ) - Comeback Kid
6. Dead On the Fence - Comeback Kid
7. Shadow of Doubt - Comeback Kid
8. True to Form - Comeback Kid
9. In-between - Comeback Kid
10. Standstill - Comeback Kid
11. Menacing Weight - Comeback Kid

Year of Production: 2022