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Cynthia Erivo is a Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress, singer and producer, as well as an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and SAG nominee. By way of a 12-track journey into her mental and emotional landscape - one marked by heartbreak and sadness, but also triumph and growth - 'Ch. 1, Vs.1' is a record of what writer Akwaeke Emezi calls 'the unfolding of a self', of what it means to do away with the pretense and masks we often wear as a means of survival. It's eclectic, but not in the nice-nasty way 'eclectic' is often used to convey displeasure. Rather, it's the perfect soundtrack to a still-unfolding talent ready to be seen in her fullness, beyond the stage and screen and high fashion red carpet gowns and extravagant nail art. 'Just as me, Cynthia', she says.

Track Listing:
1. What in the World - Cynthia Erivo
2. Alive - Cynthia Erivo
3. Hero - Cynthia Erivo
4. The Good - Cynthia Erivo
5. Day Off - Cynthia Erivo
6. A Window - Cynthia Erivo
7. I Might Be in Love - Cynthia Erivo
8. Sweet Sarah - Cynthia Erivo
9. Tears - Cynthia Erivo
10. You're Not Here - Cynthia Erivo
11. Glowing Up - Cynthia Erivo
12. Mama - Cynthia Erivo

Year of Production: 2021