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Platinum-selling South London collective D-Block Europe announce their highly-anticipated album, 'Lap 5', asserting them as a dominant force in UK rap. Consistent in operating in their own way and on their terms, 'Lap 5' commemorates the phenomenal journey and meteoric rise over the last 5 summers. The album includes the singles 'Black Beatles', and 'Elegant & Gang' alongside a wealth of brand-new material. Armed with five consecutive UK Top 10 albums, three platinum singles, a MOBO Award and two BRIT nominations, D-Block Europe is composed of various artists including Young Adz and Dirtbike LB at the forefront of the collective, pioneering their individual sounds globally. Coupled with their ability to sell out arenas following 2021's iconic sold-out tour, which included a show at the O2 arena London, the South London collective continues to raise the impeccable standard of UK rap and break down more barriers for independent artists.

Track Listing:
1. Track 1 - D-Block Europe
2. Track 2 - D-Block Europe
3. Track 3 - D-Block Europe
4. Track 4 - D-Block Europe
5. Track 5 - D-Block Europe
6. Track 6 - D-Block Europe
7. Track 7 - D-Block Europe
8. Track 8 - D-Block Europe
9. Track 9 - D-Block Europe
10. Track 10 - D-Block Europe
11. Track 11 - D-Block Europe
12. Fantasy - D-Block Europe
13. Elegant & Gang - D-Block Europe
14. Track 14 - D-Block Europe
15. Track 15 - D-Block Europe
16. Black Beatles - D-Block Europe

Year of Production: 2022