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Tenth studio album by the award-winning South African blues rock guitarist. For Patlansky, 'Shelter of Bones' covers a three-year period of many ups and downs between 2019 and 2021, and, as a result, the South African guitarist believes the process has been a very interesting journey. 'My goal is always to try make a record that I would want to listen to,' says Patlansky. 'I'm very happy and proud of this album. I produced it myself because I wanted a very particular sound. On three of the tracks, I enlisted a good friend and ex-keyboard player from Hamburg, Tom Gatza, who brought a fresh feel to these songs, especially the ballads ('I'll Keep Trying' and 'Shelter of Bones').' ''Shelter of Bones' is an accurate representation of who I am currently as an artist, which is a modern twist on what I love most, the blues.'

Track Listing:
1. Soul Parasite - Dan Patlansky
2. Snake Oil City - Dan Patlansky
3. Selfish Lover - Dan Patlansky
4. Lost - Dan Patlansky
5. Bad Soul - Dan Patlansky
6. Presence - Dan Patlansky
1. I'll Keep Trying - Dan Patlansky
2. Devils Dopamine - Dan Patlansky
3. Sweet Memories - Dan Patlansky
4. Hounds Loose - Dan Patlansky
5. Shelter of Bones - Dan Patlansky

Year of Production: 2022