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Longstanding Norwegian band Darkthrone started in 1986, originally under the name of 'Black Death', before their final infamous moniker was introduced. Although becoming known the world over as a black metal band crucial to the legacy of the genre, Darkthrone began more as an extreme metal band utilising element of thrash, death and doom metal into their early compositions. 'Thulcandra', contains the first 3 releases under the name of Darkthrone, namely the 'Land of Frost' demo (1988), the 'A New Dimension' promo which was also released in 1988 (and the first to feature the legendary early line-up of Gylve Nagell, Ted Skjellum, Ivar Enger & Dag Nilsen) and, finally, the 'Thulcandra' demo itself (1989). Combined, this offers a clear demonstration of the quick development of a band very much in their aspiring, formative years, but with a growing maturity for their craft and already an eclectic sphere of influences. This edition of 'Thulcandra' is presented on vinyl format and includes artwork from the original 'Thulcandra' demo on the cover.

Track Listing:
1. Land of Frost (Land of Frost 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
2. Winds of Triton (Land of Frost 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
3. Forest of Darkness (Land of Frost 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
4. Odyssey of Freedom (Land of Frost 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
5. Day of the Dead (Land of Frost 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
6. Intro: Twilight Dimension (A New Dimension 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
7. Snowfall (A New Dimension 'Demo' 1988) (Demo) - Darkthrone
8. Eon (Thulcandra 'Demo' 1989) (Demo) - Darkthrone
9. Thulcandra (Thulcandra 'Demo' 1989) (Demo) - Darkthrone