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On a base level, the term 'blood harmony' is simple - it describes the specific sound two siblings make when they sing together. Given that Dave Hause has been writing and recording songs with his younger brother Tim for a while now, it made sense to use that phrase as the title for his fifth solo record. But this being a Dave Hause album also means there's much more to it than that. Beneath the surface of 'Blood Harmony', in fact, are multiple layers of meaning relating to Hause's role as a musician, a brother, a husband, a son and-having become a father to twins a few months before the release of 2019's 'Kick' - a dad. As such, 'Blood Harmony' is a reassertion of what family means to him. Even more so because it's coming out on the label owned by he and his brother.

Track Listing:
1. Northstar - Dave Hause (3.22)
2. Sandy Sheets - Dave Hause (3.29)
3. Hanalei - Dave Hause (2.55)
4. Plagiarist - Dave Hause (3.42)
5. Gary - Dave Hause (3.17)
6. Surfboard - Dave Hause (3.14)
7. Leave It in That Dream - Dave Hause (2.51)
8. Snowglobe - Dave Hause (3.43)
9. Carry the Lantern - Dave Hause (3.04)
10. Little Wings - Dave Hause (3.05)

Year of Production: 2021