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Over the course of their extraordinarily accomplished discography to date, Django Django have constantly headed left where others have gone right. Described by The Guardian as 'capable of making music that sounds close to perfection', they are known for their genre defying eclectic sound. There is a running theme of escape: from despair, from constraints, from small town life, and even, in dreams, from the Earth. The brilliant title track, for instance, soars gloriously towards the stratosphere. A track built around a sample from one of Dave Maclean's spoken word records then plushly upholstered with Moog synths and drum loops, it is accompanied by some eye strobing visuals from NYC artist and illustrator Braulio Amado.

Track Listing:
1. Spirals - Django Django
2. Right the Wrongs - Django Django
3. Got Me Worried - Django Django
4. Waking Up (Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) - Django Django
5. Free from Gravity - Django Django
6. Headrush - Django Django
7. The Ark - Django Django
8. Night of the Buffalo - Django Django
9. The World Will Turn - Django Django
10. Kick the Devil Out - Django Django
11. Glowing in the Dark - Django Django
12. Hold Fast - Django Django
13. Asking for More - Django Django

Year of Production: 2021