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Hey Clockface' was recorded in Helsinki, Paris and New York and mixed by Sebastian Krys in Los Angeles. Following the solo recording of 'No Flag', 'Hetty O'Hara Confidential' and 'We Are All Cowards Now' at Suomenlinnan Studio, Helsinki by Eetü Seppälä in February 2020, Costello immediately travelled to Paris for a weekend session at Les Studios Saint Germain. Costello states, 'I sang live on the studio floor, directing from the vocal booth. We cut nine songs in two days. We spoke very little. Almost everything the musicians played was a spontaneous response to the song I was singing. I'd had a dream of recording in Paris like this, one day.' The assembled album, 'Hey Clockface' is 'An Elvis Costello & Sebastian Krys Production' following on from their work together on Elvis Costello and The Imposters' Grammy-winning album 'Look Now'. The motion picture of 'We Are All Cowards Now' by Eamon Singer & Arlo McFurlow features images of flowers & pistols, smoke & mirrors, tombstones & monuments, courage & cowardice, peace love and misunderstanding.

Track Listing:
1. Revolution #49 - Elvis Costello
2. No Flag - Elvis Costello
3. They're Not Laughing at Me Now - Elvis Costello
4. Newspaper Pane - Elvis Costello
5. I Do (Zula's Song) - Elvis Costello
6. We Are All Cowards Now - Elvis Costello
7. Hey Clockface/How Can You Face Me? - Elvis Costello
1. The Whirlwind - Elvis Costello
2. Hetty O'Hara Confidential - Elvis Costello
3. The Last Confession of Vivian Whip - Elvis Costello
4. What Is It That I Need That I Don't Already Have? - Elvis Costello
5. Radio Is Everything - Elvis Costello
6. I Can't Say Her Name - Elvis Costello
7. Byline - Elvis Costello

Year of Production: 2020