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Limited Edition Double LP made from recycled vinyl that includes bonus tracks not available anywhere else. Digital download for all tracks included with purchase. Housed in a full-colour reverse board outer sleeve with a 20-page A5 booklet with exclusive imagery inside. As we are using recycled vinyl, every record will be unique, no two colours will be the same. All cardboard used is FSC certified.

Far Caspian is Irish multi-instrumentalist and producer Joel Johnston. Living in the rural area of Fermanagha DIY approach, recording, playing and mixing everything himself.

Started from a basement home studio in Leeds, Joel Johnston launched 'Far Caspian' in Summer 2018. Now 2 EP's in, the distinct 'melanjolly' sound of Far Caspian that combines a hazy blend of intricate guitars, smart melodies, honest and introspective lyrics with a focussed lo-fi feel on production has led to sold out venues across the UK and EU and landed plays on Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio X and numerous Spotify and YouTube playlists generating a dedicated and growing fanbase across the world.

Track Listing:
LP 1
1. I'm Not Where I Need
2. Pretend
3. Get Along
4. Following The Trend
1. Attempt
2. 35mm
3. Come Down And Waste With Me
4. Our Past Lives

LP 2
1. Brother
2. Moon Tower
3. Reach You (Stripped)
4. Questions
1. Built By Design
2. Plans
3. House
4. Sun Room