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Multi-Award winning, hugely influential musician Feist returns with 'Multitudes', her sixth solo album and first since 2017's 'Pleasure'. 'Multitudes' took shape soon after the birth of her daughter and sudden death of her father, a back-to-back convergence of life-altering events that left the Canadian singer/songwriter with 'Nothing performative in me anymore'. As she cleansed her songwriting of any tendency to obscure unwanted truths, Feist slowly made her way toward a batch of songs rooted in a raw and potent realism which is touched with otherworldly beauty. Largely written and workshopped during an intensely communal experimental show of the same name through 2021 and 2022, the songs on 'Multitudes' developed in parallel with and were deeply influenced by the mutuality of the unconventional experience. The production, developed by Feist with legendary designer Rob Sinclair (David Byrne's American Utopia, Peter Gabriel, Tame Impala) was formulated to bring people together as they re-emerged from lockdown while providing an outlet for connection between artist, art, and community.

Track Listing:
1. Hiding Out - Feist
2. In Lightning - Feist
3. Love Who We Are Meant To - Feist
4. Forever Before - Feist
5. Red Wing - Feist
6. Rings Off - Feist
7. Borrow Trouble - Feist
8. Of Womankind - Feist
9. Become the Earth - Feist
10. Martyr Moves - Feist
11. Calling All the Gods - Feist
12. Song for a Sad Friend - Feist

Year of Production: 2023