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Gjon's Tears will finally reveal himself. Reveal everything. It may seem strange to say such a thing. After all, since he was young, he's been in the limelight in both France and Switzerland. He has released singles to his increasingly large fanbase. Not to mention, 'Tout l'univers' (pun intended!) that he brought to the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing third. And finally, one cannot forget 'Pure', produced by Nicolas Rebscher (Alice Merton, Aurora...) and his very unique Bowie/Bjork/The Cure-esque music video, (references to the latter can be spotted on the album cover as well). Nevertheless, the artistic space of an album allows him to finally reveal the breadth and depth of his musical galaxy, and the light years his talent can travel in a heartbeat.

Track Listing:
1. The Game - Gjon's Tears
2. Disco - Gjon's Tears
3. Pure - Gjon's Tears
4. Amen to You - Gjon's Tears
5. Un Coeur Qui Cogne - Gjon's Tears
6. Midnight in Paris - Gjon's Tears
7. Cancer (Feat. Ibrahim Maalouf) - Gjon's Tears
1. Stronger Than You Know - Gjon's Tears
2. Feeling Alone - Gjon's Tears
3. Silhouette - Gjon's Tears
4. Tout L'univers - Gjon's Tears
5. Babi - Gjon's Tears
6. My Last Goodbye - Gjon's Tears