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Since 1999, Gogol Bordello has been bringing their unique fusion of punk rock and Eastern European influences to the world, including their legendary theatrical and rambunctious live shows. From its inception, Gogol Bordello has been a band of immigrants, with members hailing from Ukraine, Ecuador, Russia, and Ethiopia. With their upcoming eighth studio album and first in five years, they are going back to singer, Eugene Hutz's more punk rock roots as heard on the new single 'Focus Coin' While finishing up the new record, the world turned upside down for Hutz and other members as the war in Ukraine started. With his mind now on helping out his homeland, Hutz has used his influence and art to raise money and awareness.

Track Listing:
1. Shot of Solidaritine - Gogol Bordello
2. Focus Coin - Gogol Bordello
3. Blueprint - Gogol Bordello
4. The Era of the End of Eras - Gogol Bordello
5. I'm Coming Out - Gogol Bordello
6. Knack for Life - Gogol Bordello
7. The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant - Gogol Bordello
8. Take Only What You Can Carry - Gogol Bordello
9. My Imaginary Son - Gogol Bordello
10. Forces of Victory - Gogol Bordello
11. Fire On Ice Floe - Gogol Bordello
12. Gut Guidance - Gogol Bordello
13. Huckleberry Generation - Gogol Bordello

Year of Production: 2022