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High Pulp's remarkable ANTI- Records debut, 'Pursuit of Ends' draws on punk rock, shoegaze, hip-hop, and electronic music. The band's brand of experimental jazz is both vintage and futuristic all at once, hinting at times to everything from Miles Davis and Duke Ellington to Aphex Twin and My Bloody Valentine. While the Seattle-based collective is centered around a crew of six core members, they also make judicious use of a broad network of collaborators on the album, wrangling special guests like sax star Jaleel Shaw, harpist Brandee Younger, Grammy-nominated trumpeter Theo Coker, and keyboardist Jacob Mann. The result is a lush, cinematic collection that's as unpredictable as it is engrossing, an urgent, exhilarating instrumental album that manages to speak to the moment without uttering a single word.

Track Listing:
1. Ceremony - High Pulp
2. All Roads Lead to Los Angeles (Feat. Jaleel Shaw) - High Pulp
3. Blaming Mercury - High Pulp
4. Window to a Shimmering World - High Pulp
5. Chemical X - High Pulp
6. Hanaq Pachap Cussicuinin - High Pulp
7. Kamishinjo (Feat. Jacob Mann) - High Pulp
8. Inner Crooner - High Pulp
9. Wax Hands (Feat. Brandee Younger) - High Pulp
10. You've Got to Pull It Up from the Ground (Feat. Theo Croker) - High Pulp