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During the course of quarantine, while doing multiple live streams to support Blue Note Tokyo and New York, Hiromi composed the 'Silver Lining Suite'. It is a piece for piano, two violins, viola, and cello which is separated into four movements: 1. Isolation 2. The Unknown 3. Drifters 4. Fortitude. In the past Hiromi has recorded all of her studio records in the US but given the pandemic and nature of this work, the 'Silver Lining Suite' is her first album recorded in Japan. The album was recorded by Mick M. Sawaguchi of Mick Sound Lab, mixed and mastered by Robert Friedrich at Five/Four Productions. In addition to the 'Silver Lining Suite' the album includes five other songs all composed by Hiromi, two of which are completed versions that originally where part of Hiromi's 'One Minute Portrait' video series that showcased one minute duets with artists such as: Avishai Cohen, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Robert Trujillo, and more.

Track Listing:
1. Silver Lining Suite "Isolation" - Hiromi
2. Silver Lining Suite "The Unknown" - Hiromi
3. Silver Lining Suite "Drifters" - Hiromi
4. Silver Lining Suite "Fortitude" - Hiromi
5. Uncertainty - Hiromi
6. Someday - Hiromi
7. Jumpstart - Hiromi
8. 11:49PM - Hiromi
9. Ribera Del Duero - Hiromi

Year of Production: 2021