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His third album, 'Cry Sugar', deepens his practice of producing motivational music for club goers - uplifting the debauchery and inspiring many through his own brand of anthemic maximalism. Trading in his lineage in dark UK back-alleys filled with Glaswegian antipathy for studio sessions with blazed Pavarotti-inspired tenors and drunk string quartets, Mohawke has dialed in an ongoing fascination with melding high and low culture. After all, he is indeed the architect for the high peaks of high-definition trap production that became embellished in the 2010s - a style that has been appropriated in everything from beer can littered college parties to Arby's commercials. American decadence, then, becomes a stage for his music to thrive - where the DJ booth becomes a composer's podium for him to conduct the tense drama between debauchery and apocalypse, the 'mise-en-scene' of club culture in 2022.

Track Listing:
1. Ingle Nook - Hudson Mohawke
2. Intentions - Hudson Mohawke
3. Expo - Hudson Mohawke
4. Behold - Hudson Mohawke
5. Bicstan - Hudson Mohawke
6. Stump - Hudson Mohawke
7. Dance Forever - Hudson Mohawke
8. Bow - Hudson Mohawke
9. Is It Supposed - Hudson Mohawke
10. Lonely Days - Hudson Mohawke
11. Redeem - Hudson Mohawke
12. Rain Shadow - Hudson Mohawke
13. KPIPE - Hudson Mohawke
14. 3 Sheets to the Wind - Hudson Mohawke
15. Some Buzz - Hudson Mohawke
16. Tincture - Hudson Mohawke
17. Nork 69 - Hudson Mohawke
18. Come a Little Closer - Hudson Mohawke
19. Ingle Nook Slumber - Hudson Mohawke

Year of Production: 2022