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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of his double-platinum selling, self-titled debut studio album by English singer-songwriter Jake Bugg; UMC will release special deluxe editions on 2LP black vinyl, Limited edition 2LP (D2C) gold vinyl and a 3CD of the 2013 mercury prize nominated record. Released on October 15th, 2012, the album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, selling in excess of 800k+ copies. Fully remastered at Abbey Road studios with a second LP of 2 rare and 14 previously unreleased tracks from Jake’s early recording sessions from his personal archive.

Track Listing:
LP1 - Side A
1. Lightning Bolt
2. Two Fingers
3. Taste It
4. Seen It All
5. Simple As This
6. Country Song
7. Broken

LP1 - Side B
1. Trouble Town
2. Ballad Of Mr.Jones
3. Slide
4. Someone Told Me
5. Note To Self
6. Someplace
7. Fire

LP2 - Side C
1. It’s True
2. Slide (Jason Hart Version)
3. Kentucky (Jason Hart Version)
4. Saffron (Jason Hart Version)
5. Love Me the Way You Do (Jason Hart Version)
6. Man On The Moon
7. Something Wrong
8. I See Her Crying
9. Friends

LP2 - Side D
1. Devil Song
2. Pretty Colours
3. Green Man (Jason Hart Version)
4. War
5. The Only One I Ever Knew
6. Swept Away
7. Broken (Rick Rubin Version)