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The debut album from the Leeds singer-songwriter. From Jake: 'This album is a process of healing and reflection on a crazy time a few years ago where I lost my dad, my relationship at the time ended and my band I'd grown up with broke up - all within a few months of each other. I stopped making music for years after that, I worked at Starbucks by day and stayed at home by night. It took years before I picked up the guitar again and when I did everything started to come out in the songs I wrote. The pain of losing my dad, my past relationship and my struggles with depression and bigger questions about spirituality and life. The album has been my therapy and crux, in part helping me heal and equally throwing me into some of the hardest times of my life'.

Track Listing:
1. Absence - Jake Whiskin
2. The Trail Went Cold - Jake Whiskin
3. Headfirst Dive - Jake Whiskin
4. Satanic Panic Love Song - Jake Whiskin
5. Heatwave - Jake Whiskin
6. Cold Morning - Jake Whiskin
7. Slow Motion - Jake Whiskin
8. Halfway Down the Street - Jake Whiskin
9. Jake Germain-Whiskin - Jake Whiskin
10. Long Way Home - Jake Whiskin
11. Half Asleep - Jake Whiskin

Year of Production: 2022