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After the release of 'Folk is the New Black' in 2006, Janis decided not to make another record until she felt she had 'an album's worth of impeccable songs'. Although she released several private 'for the fans' items, and continued touring, she also set up a whiteboard with a constantly rotating list of songs in process, songs she thought would make the cut, and thoughts about subjects she wanted to cover. One thing that became apparent over the years was her strong relationship with her fans, and the sense that she and they had come full circle - from 'Society's Child' (1967) through 'Stars' (1974) to 'The Light at the End of the Line'.

Track Listing:
1. I'm Still Standing - Janis Ian
2. Resist - Janis Ian
3. Stranger - Janis Ian
4. Swannanoa - Janis Ian
5. Wherever Good Dreams Go - Janis Ian
6. Perfect Little Girl - Janis Ian
7. Nina - Janis Ian
8. Dancing With the Dark - Janis Ian
9. Dark Side of the Sun - Janis Ian
10. Summer in New York - Janis Ian
11. The Light at the End of the Line - Janis Ian
12. Better Times Will Come - Janis Ian

Year of Production: 2022