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Jeff Parker has been a cornerstone of the rock, jazz, and experimental music communities for the past three decades. As the guitarist for groundbreaking groups Tortoise, Isotope 217, Chicago Underground, as a sideman for artists like Joshua Redman, Fred Anderson, and Joey DeFrancesco, and as a solo artist, Parker's work engages in a deep understanding of a constellation of styles while shirking boundaries at every turn. Over the past thirty years, Parker has carved a name for himself as a guitarist with a singular voice in any format. Parker's sound is instantly identifiable for his masterfully understated use of melody and space and for his keen sense for complimentary playing, ever bolstering the musicians around him to new heights. 'The Relatives' stands as a milestone record for Parker. With the hypnotic spin of 'Beanstalk', the repetition and surprise of 'Mannerisms' and the teeter of 'Toy Boat', the beat-driven focus of his more recent work peers through the swung groove of drummer Chad Taylor and bassist Chris Lopes.

Track Listing:
1. Istanbul - Jeff Parker (3.25)
2. Mannerisms - Jeff Parker (6.06)
3. Sea Change - Jeff Parker (3.31)
4. When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You - Jeff Parker (6.26)
5. Beanstalk - Jeff Parker (3.26)
6. The Relative - Jeff Parker (5.55)
7. Toy Boat - Jeff Parker (5)
8. Rang - Jeff Parker (6.58)

Year of Production: 2005