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Debut studio album by the American R&B singer and songwriter. Originally released in December 1999, the album was produced entirely by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo). It features the hit singles 'Caught Out There', 'Good Stuff' and 'Get Along with You'. As well as producing the album Williams and Hugo also feature on album track 'Ghetto Children', which was co-written by Slick Rick. Other guest performers include Pusha-T, Markita and Justin Vince. This 20th anniversary edition includes four bonus tracks - a remix of 'Caught Out There' by The Neptunes, and three remixes of 'Get Along With You'.

Track Listing:
1. Intro - Kelis
2. Good Stuff (Feat. Terrar) - Kelis
3. Caught Out There - Kelis
4. Get Along With You - Kelis
5. Mafia (Feat. Markita) - Kelis
6. Game Show - Kelis
7. Suspended - Kelis
8. Mars - Kelis
9. Ghetto Children (Feat. Marc Dorsey and N.E.R.D.) - Kelis
1. I Want Your Love - Kelis
2. No Turning Back - Kelis
3. Roller Rink - Kelis
4. In the Morning - Kelis
5. Wouldn't You Agree (Feat. Justin Vince) - Kelis
6. Caught Out There (Neptunes Extended Mix) (Bonus Track) - Kelis
7. Get Along With You (Soul Inside Radio Mix) (Bonus Track) - Kelis
8. Get Along With You (Mix Show) (Bonus Track) - Kelis
9. Get Along With You (Pharrell Edit) (Bonus Track) - Kelis

Year of Production: 1999