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After putting out debut album 'This Time Next Year' independently in 2021, the band signed their first proper deal for follow-up 'Here's What You Could Have Won'. These 11 songs are an excellent showcase for the band's bigger, punchier, 'beat punk' sound, produced with Dom Craik from Nothing But Thieves. Comeback single 'New England' is their most explicitly political song yet, with a searing guest verse from Bob Vylan. It's a brutal dissection of the xenophobic Little England mentality, praised by Liam Gallagher as 'like Noel when he was good'. They followed it with Partygate polemic 'Party At No. 10', which they tried to debut with a busking performance outside the nation's most infamous rave venue - before being dissuaded by Downing Street's armed police.

Track Listing:
1. New England - Kid Kapichi
2. Rob the Supermarket - Kid Kapichi
3. 5 Days On (2 Days Off) - Kid Kapichi
4. I.N.V.U - Kid Kapichi
5. Super Soaker - Kid Kapichi
6. Party at No. 10 - Kid Kapichi
7. Cops & Robbers - Kid Kapichi
8. Tar Pit - Kid Kapichi
9. Never Really Had You - Kid Kapichi
10. Smash the Gaff - Kid Kapichi
11. Special - Kid Kapichi

Year of Production: 2022