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Killer Mike gets recognised for many things - being an Outkast protege, a member of rap powerhouse Run the Jewels, one of Atlanta's biggest advocates, a Bernie Sanders whisperer, and, perhaps most importantly, a voice of reason in an increasingly insane world. Some might know one or two of those sides of Mike, but he is finally ready to introduce the world to the totality of Michael Render, a lifelong rap fiend whose consciousness is seeped in the sounds of community that raised him - multiple eras of southern rap flows, Sunday church service, and barbershop discourse. All these threads converge on his first batch of solo material since his breakout solo album 'R.A.P. Music' in 2012 and the most comprehensively autobiographical work he's presented to date musically and personally.

Track Listing:
1. Down By Law - Killer Mike
2. Shed Tears - Killer Mike
3. Run - Killer Mike
4. Nrich - Killer Mike
5. Talk'n That Shiti - Killer Mike
6. Slummer - Killer Mike
7. Scientists & Engineers - Killer Mike
8. Two Days - Killer Mike
9. Spaceship Views - Killer Mike
10. Exit 9 - Killer Mike
11. Something for Junkies - Killer Mike
12. Motherless - Killer Mike
13. Don't Let the Devil - Killer Mike
14. High & Holy - Killer Mike

Year of Production: 2023