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The eighth studio album by the American metalcore band, originally released in August 2019. The album was recorded over a period of two years, with ideas for the album beginning in 2017. Recording sessions took place on both coasts of the United States, but they were put on hold when vocalist Jesse Leach developed scar tissue on a polyp in his throat and underwent speech and vocal therapy for three months. Atonement was thus described as a 'reflection of perseverance and passion through the trials and suffering of our existence' by the band, and by Leach as 'musically the most diverse record we've done as a band'.

Track Listing:
1. Unleashed - Killswitch Engage (4.37)
2. The Signal Fire (Feat. Howard Jones) - Killswitch Engage (3.05)
3. Us Against the World - Killswitch Engage (3.19)
4. The Crownless King (Feat. Chuck Billy) - Killswitch Engage (3.1)
5. I Am Broken Too - Killswitch Engage (2.39)
6. As Sure As the Sun Will Rise - Killswitch Engage (2.49)
7. Know Your Enemy - Killswitch Engage (3.51)
8. Take Control - Killswitch Engage (3.44)
9. Ravenous - Killswitch Engage (2.52)
10. I Can't Be the Only One - Killswitch Engage (4.09)
11. Bite the Hand That Feeds - Killswitch Engage (4.48)

Year of Production: 2019