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Not so long since their debut 'Football Money' in archaeological time, unending gray eons later in the dog years of quaran-time, spiritually antipodean Canadians Kiwi Jr. return to disseminate this year's annual report to the shareholders, burying the incriminating numbers in the endless appendices of a longform narrative record, a 3,000 word tract for stakeholders to pore over. 'Cooler Returns' - memories of Augusts past, unrepressed & transcribed fast - go down easier thanks to meaningful changes enacted in 2019's KiwiCares Pledge: delivering on a promise to transition from crunchy to smooth by 2021, the caveman chug of 'Football Money' has been steamed & pressed with the purifying air of a saloon piano - operated with bow-tie untied - and a spring green side-salad of tentatively up-tempo organ taps & freshly fluted harmonica.

Track Listing:
1. Tyler - Kiwi Jr.
2. Undecided Voters - Kiwi Jr.
3. Maid Marian's Toast - Kiwi Jr.
4. Highlights of 100 - Kiwi Jr.
5. Only Here for a Haircut - Kiwi Jr.
6. Cooler Returns - Kiwi Jr.
7. Guilty Party - Kiwi Jr.
8. Omaha - Kiwi Jr.
9. Domino - Kiwi Jr.
10. Nashville Wedding - Kiwi Jr.
11. Dodger - Kiwi Jr.
12. Norma Jean's Jacket - Kiwi Jr.
13. Waiting in Line - Kiwi Jr.

Year of Production: 2021