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Louis Cole is a singer-songwriter and sickeningly talented multi-instrumentalist with a strong DIY aesthetic from Los Angeles, California. He is on a mission to create deep feelings through music and is the figurehead of an LA jazz-adjacent scene. His 2022 album, 'Quality Over Opinion' was written, performed and produced on his own in his modest home studio. Louis did invite a handful of close friends to contribute on the project, namely Genevieve Artadi ('my no.1 music collaborator'); saxophonist Sam Gendel - Cole's friend for 17 years; pianist Chris Fishman; Nate Wood from the band Kneebody; Marlon Mackey ('a pillar of the Bakersfield music scene'); and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. 'This album is a representation of me trying to make the best, most powerful and listenable music I can. For myself and also others', he says.

Track Listing:
1. Quality Over Opinion - Louis Cole
2. Dead Inside Shuffle - Louis Cole
3. Not Needed Anymore - Louis Cole
4. Shallow Laughter - Louis Cole
5. Bitches (Feat. Sam Gendel) - Louis Cole
6. Message (Feat. Chris Fishman & Nate Wood) - Louis Cole
7. Failing in a Cool Way - Louis Cole
8. Disappear - Louis Cole
9. I'm Tight - Louis Cole
10. True Love - Louis Cole
11. Planet X - Louis Cole
12. Let Me Snack (Feat. Marlon Mackey) - Louis Cole
13. Forgetting - Louis Cole
14. Park Your Car On My Face - Louis Cole
15. Don't Care (Feat. Genevieve Artadi) - Louis Cole
16. Laughing in Her Sleep - Louis Cole
17. Outer Moat Behavior - Louis Cole
18. When (Feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel) - Louis Cole
19. Let It Happen - Louis Cole
20. Little Piano Thing - Louis Cole

Year of Production: 2022