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M Huncho, the enigmatic figure of the UK trap wave scene, invites fans into a world unseen with his latest project 'My Neighbours Don't Know'. This album not only represents a new milestone in M Huncho's illustrious career but also offers a rare glimpse into the duality of his life. The album's concept centres around M Huncho's carefully cultivated privacy, symbolised by the album's intriguing title. 'My Neighbours Don't Know' signifies the duality of M Huncho's lifestyle - on the one hand he is known as the famous, successful masked rapper; to his friends and family he is an ordinary man living an extraordinary lifestyle unbeknownst to his unsuspecting neighbours. This project sees M Huncho sharing the billing with notable figures from the Rap scene, including Nines, D-Block Europe, and Slim.

Track Listing:
1. Where You Been? - M Huncho
2. G.a.b.o.s. - M Huncho
3. Of Course - M Huncho
4. Stop Calling - M Huncho
5. Tell Me How You Feel - M Huncho
6. Muse - M Huncho
7. Myb - M Huncho
8. Crazy Titch - M Huncho
9. Misunderstood - M Huncho
10. The Game Is the Game - M Huncho
11. Selfish>selfless - M Huncho
12. 1 of 1 - M Huncho
13. Thought You Was Real - M Huncho
14. Look Over Your Shoulder - M Huncho
15. Any Minute - M Huncho
16. Welcome to the Jungle - M Huncho
17. Addiction - M Huncho
18. Properly² - M Huncho
19. H2s (Bonus Track) - M Huncho

Year of Production: 2023