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Circles is Mac Miller’s sixth and final studio album and first posthumous album after his passing on September 7, 2018, due to an accidental drug overdose. This album is also meant to be a follow-up to Mac’s previous effort on Swimming, which detailed his struggles in life, and learning to move past his problems in order to become a better person, as he showed a strong desire to develop psychological growth and healing throughout the project. The two albums put together were meant to convey the phrase “Swimming in Circles”.

It was reported in February of 2019 that Miller had plans of releasing this album before his untimely death, however, no other news came of it. That is until January 8, 2020, when Mac’s Instagram posted for the first time since his death. The post announced the along with the cover art and that the album would be coming out on January 17, 2020. A brief note from Malcolm’s family was attached about how much this album meant to him, and how grateful they are to the fans for keeping his memory alive.

It was also reported by Malcolm’s family in the Instagram post, that American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion was heavily involved with Mac in the making of this album. After Mac’s passing, he took the helm in making sure this project was completely polished and ready for the fans to hear.

Track Listing:
A1 Circles
A2 Complicated
A3 Blue World
A4 Good News
B5 I Can See
B6 Everybody
B7 Woods
B8 Hand Me Downs
C9 That's On Me
C10 Hands
C11 Surf
C12 Once A Day
D13 Right
D14 Floating

Year of Production: 2020