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What I Breathe' is the debut album from Mall Grab AKA Jordon Alexander. The Australia-born London-based powerhouse reaches within to create the most comprehensive demonstration of his style to date - loudly defining the raw energy that has become synonymous with the moniker. 'This album is deeply personal and an exploration of all influences, sounds and sides of the Mall Grab project. It follows my journey of the last 6 years from a university dropout in Newcastle (Australia), making music as a source of happiness and expression'. Through collaborations with Brendan Yates of Turnstile, Novelist, D Double E and Nia Archives, the Mall Grab repertoire of emotive electronics is used to traverse his love of hard-to-define energies that exist between genres like Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Soul.

Track Listing:
1. Hand in Hand Through Wonderland - Mall Grab (5.27)
2. I Can Remember It So Vividly - Mall Grab (4.28)
3. Love Reigns - Mall Grab (4.54)
4. Understand (Feat. Brendan Yates) - Mall Grab (3.44)
5. Patience (Feat. Nia Archives) - Mall Grab (4.17)
6. Without the Sun (Feat. Jordon Alexander) - Mall Grab (4.26)
7. Spirit Wave - Mall Grab (5.16)
1. Breathing - Mall Grab (4.47)
2. Intercity Relations - Mall Grab (4.46)
3. Time Change (Feat. Novelist & D Double E) - Mall Grab (3.04)
4. Distant Conversation - Mall Grab (5.17)
5. Metaphysical - Mall Grab (5.03)
6. Lost in Harajuku (Feat. Jordon Alexander) - Mall Grab (4.36)

Year of Production: 2022