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Set against the backdrop of the 1972 presidential election and conceived as the centerpiece of his next album, You’re the Man, Marvin Gaye’s vision for the project was scrapped when Motown CEO Berry Gordy refused to promote it out of fear of alienating his conservative fan base.

Marvin moved on to the Trouble Man soundtrack and the sexually-fueled Let’s Get it On after You’re the Man was scrapped but much of the album’s material (including all three versions of “You’re the Man”) was later released on Let’s Get it On’s deluxe edition in 2001.

In 2019 it was announced that the album would finally be released under its original title as the soul singer’s fourth posthumous album, this time on vinyl and CD.

The title song’s lyrics are extremely politically charged, challenging conservative norms and labeling Richard Nixon a “demagogue and admitted minority hater” in what would make excellent social commentary in 2019.

Track Listing:
A1 You're The Man
A2 The World Is Rated X
A3 Piece Of Clay
A4 Where Are We Going?
B1 I'm Gonna Give You Respect
B2 Try It, You'll Like It
B3 You Are That Special One
B4 We Can Make It Baby
C1 My Last Chance
C2 Symphony
C3 I'd Give My Life For You
C4 Woman Of The World
C5 Christmas In The City (Instrumental)
D1 You're The Man (Version 2)
D2 I Want To Come Home For Christmas
D3 I'm Going Home (Move)
D4 Checking Out (Double Clutch)

Year of Production: 1972