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Painting the Roses' is in many ways a fairy tale - not so much the sweet-and-happy-ending kind as something richer, packed with imagination and rooted in the complex human messiness beneath a story's artifice. Front woman Giraffe describes it as 'this tightrope of being real yet synthetic, organic yet staged, light yet dark, logical yet irrational, beautiful yet dilapidated. Joyful nonsense'. Here, disguises like masks and paint are not meant to hide but to liberate, to 'set a part of us free', and Midnight Sister often embody this themselves, appearing highly stylised, curious, warm and inviting but a little askew. 'Painting the Roses' is a story told through the looking glass, one where we examine ourselves in a funhouse mirror but find clarity in its twists.

Track Listing:
1. Doctor Says - Midnight Sister
2. Satellite - Midnight Sister
3. Foxes - Midnight Sister
4. Sirens - Midnight Sister
5. Escalators - Midnight Sister
6. Dearly Departed - Midnight Sister
7. Tomorrowland - Midnight Sister
8. My Elevator Song - Midnight Sister
9. Wednesday Baby - Midnight Sister
10. Limousine - Midnight Sister
11. Song for the Trees - Midnight Sister
12. Painting the Roses - Midnight Sister

Year of Production: 2021