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Mt. Joy's climb into the musical stratosphere owes a great deal to their highly energetic and passionate live performances. They've sold out room after room across the country, have toured with arena acts like The Lumineers, among many others, and fans the world over flock to their shows. So when the coronavirus pandemic sidelined the touring industry, Mt. Joy felt the effects in a significant way. Fast forward to May 22, 2021: artists and fans alike are finally emerging, and Mt. Joy steps on the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, playing the biggest show on record since live music began to open back up. 'Live at Red Rocks' showcases the band's spirited performance in front of the sold-out Colorado crowd, and the energy felt from the audience's thrill of experiencing live music again is unmistakable, even through the air waves.

Track Listing:
1. I'm Your Wreck - Mt. Joy
2. Rearrange Us - Mt. Joy
3. Jenny Jenkins - Mt. Joy
4. Astrovan - Mt. Joy
5. Let Loose - Mt. Joy
6. Sheep - Mt. Joy
7. Dirty Love - Mt. Joy
8. Acrobats - Mt. Joy
1. Cardinal - Mt. Joy
2. Strangers - Mt. Joy
3. Mt. Joy - Mt. Joy
4. Younger Days - Mt. Joy
5. Julia - Mt. Joy
6. Big Eyee - Mt. Joy
7. Silver Lining - Mt. Joy

Year of Production: 2021