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Her ninth solo studio album and first of new material since 2014's self-titled record. An eclectic album, produced by Merchant, it features two duets sung with vocalist Abena Koomson-Davis (Resistance Revival Chorus), contributions from the Celtic folk group Lúnasa and Syrian virtuoso clarinetist Kinan Azmeh, and horn arrangements by jazz trombonist Steve Davis. There are lush orchestrations throughout by seven composers including: Gabriel Kahane, Stephen Barber, Colin Jacobson, and Megan Gould. 'Keep Your Courage' comprises nine original songs by Merchant as well as an interpretation of 'Hunting the Wren' by Ian Lynch of the Irish band Lankum. This vinyl edition of the album features four bonus tracks from earlier albums, previously unreleased on vinyl.

Track Listing:
1. Big Girls (Feat. Abena Koomson-Davis) - Natalie Merchant
2. Come On, Aphrodite (Feat. Abena Koomson-Davis) - Natalie Merchant
3. Sister Tilly - Natalie Merchant
4. Narcissus - Natalie Merchant
5. Hunting the Wren - Natalie Merchant
6. Guardian Angel - Natalie Merchant
1. Eye of the Storm - Natalie Merchant
2. Tower of Babel - Natalie Merchant
3. Song of Himself - Natalie Merchant
4. The Feast of Saint Valentine - Natalie Merchant
5. Spring & Fall: To a Young Child (2023 Remaster) (Bonus Track) - Natalie Merchant
6. Butterfly (2023 Remaster) (Bonus Track) - Natalie Merchant
7. Giving Up Everything (2023 Remaster) (Bonus Track) - Natalie Merchant
8. Frozen Charlotte (2023 Remaster) (Bonus Track) - Natalie Merchant

Year of Production: 2023