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Founded back in 2008, the band from Abtsgmünd (Baden-Wuerttemberg) has since grown to become a notable force in the scene, constantly thrilling their growing fan base and the music press with both their musical releases and their energetic live shows. In the time of their existence, Necrotted have already released four albums with 'Anchors Apart' (2012), 'Utopia 2.0' (2014), 'Worldwide Warfare' (2017) and 'Operation: Mental Castration' (2021) and two EPs with 'Kingdom of Hades' (2010) and 'Die for Something Worthwhile' (2019). In addition, the quintet has played hundreds of live concerts over the years on smaller and bigger stages in various countries. Now, the new album 'Imperium' marks another milestone in the band's history. The LP is once again designed as a concept album and consistently develops the elaborate storyline of its predecessor in a substantial as well as in a visual way. Also, Necrotted continue to tread experimental parts in a musical way. Their proven recipe of melodic guitar riffs, thundering blast beats and oppressive slams is joined by more and more black metal elements. In the lyrics, which are basically written in English, there are also more and more text passages in the German native language, which are performed as usual in banefully deep growls and strident screams.

Track Listing:
1. A Veiled Awakening - Necrotted
2. Reich Der Gier - Necrotted
3. Sow Sorrow for Victory - Necrotted
4. Artificial Truth - Necrotted
5. Ignorance Is Fear - Necrotted
6. Round X: Freedom V Security - Necrotted
7. Imperator - Necrotted
8. Order Beyond All Bounds - Necrotted
9. My Reign Come, My Will Be Done - Necrotted

Year of Production: 2023