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Immigrants' is the official sequel to the seminal 1999 Mercury Prize nominated 'Beyond Skin', from the multi award winning producer/songwriter/DJ/instrumentalist/composer/cultural pioneer Nitin Sawhney. The album is a unique celebration of immigrants around the world and showcases works inspired and contributed to by artists who either identify themselves as immigrants, are from immigrant heritage or wish to express support for those international immigrants who have found themselves judged or disadvantaged by pure accident of birth.

Track Listing:
1. Down the Road (Feat. YVA, Dhruv Sangari & Nicki Wells) - Nitin Sawhney
2. Immigrants Interlude I - Nitin Sawhney
3. Movement - Variation II (Feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson) - Nitin Sawhney
4. Vai (Feat. Nina Miranda) - Nitin Sawhney
5. Exile (Feat. Natacha Atlas & Samy Bishai) - Nitin Sawhney
6. Replay (Feat. Aruba Reid) - Nitin Sawhney
7. Immigrants Interlude II - Nitin Sawhney
8. Heat & Dust (Feat. Abi Samba & Rushil) - Nitin Sawhney
9. Box (Feat. Gina Leonard) - Nitin Sawhney
10. You Are (Feat. YVA) - Nitin Sawhney
1. Immigrants Interlude III - Nitin Sawhney
2. Differences (Feat. Abi Sampa & Rushil) - Nitin Sawhney
3. Immigrants Interlude IV - Nitin Sawhney
4. Lifeline (Feat. Spek & Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne) - Nitin Sawhney
5. Tokyo - Nitin Sawhney
6. Sawubona (Feat. Natty) - Nitin Sawhney
7. Immigrants Interlude V - Nitin Sawhney
8. Movements - Variations I (Feat. Anna Phoebe) - Nitin Sawhney
9. Another Sky (Feat. AVAWAVES) - Nitin Sawhney
10. Dream - Nitin Sawhney

Year of Production: 2021